Fingers and Fringes

Is that what it is called?

We are really pleased that our very own Karin has decided to set up her own business called XXXXXXXXX she cut’s hair and does nails

Her prices are

  • Haircut £XX or £XX with one Time Credit
  • Nail £XX or £XX with one Tim Credit

You can contact Karin here

You can give leave comments for Karin below


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About Rick

I am a married with 4 children. I have worked with people who have cognitive disabilities most of my working life. I have spent much of this time working for local governement, however it is the voluntary sector where I feel most at home. I am becoming very focused on sustainability.At a personal level I am very concerned about the future my children could have ahead of them. Professionally services are very vulnerable to the vast and exploitative supply chains that they rely on. As a citizen I feel we have lost ownership and control over or own lives only to be replaced by feeling of appathy and helplessness. We can do something about this, the earth is beautiful and we are a beautiful part of it.

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