IMAG0245 (2)Today we all got together to learn new skills which will help us to get more involved in the management of Time to Meet. There were about 20 people on the training and the first part of the day was spent getting to know each other.

Nicola and Rebecca said that the getting to know people session was really good and that they felt more comfortable and confident.

Nicola said – “I felt very nervous this morning.”
Rebecca said – “I felt nervous too.”


We split up into 4 groups to learn new skills like telephoning and emailing people and writing this story. we talked to people about how it was going during the tea break.

People said –
“I think it’s interesting and I am enjoying meeting up with other people”.
“I think today is good to learn and to help people”.
” I think today is good “.
” I like today. I will learn new skills”.
Written by Nicola and Rebecca……..

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