What members enjoy about Time 2 Meet


Hello My name is Gary


“I have attended the  photography group which i really enjoyed” .

“I enjoyed the Bowling evening it was a good night”

“I would really like to join a painting group”


Lee Gregory said;


“I have organised my own  Christmas karaoke evening, which was really good”

“I have played football in the football Tournament at Play Football.   It was a really good day”.

In the future i would really like to record my own CD.

Hello my  name is Jamie.


“I have  played football at the football tournament it was a great day everyone enjoyed”.

“In the future  i would like to join a gardening group”.

“I would also like to organise a picnic day where all members can meet up and have a good day out together”

 Hello my  name Linda


“I am a member of the Card making and jewellery group . I really enjoy making my own cards and jewellery” .

“I like to meet up with Linda Evans and have a chat”

“In the future i would like to organise my own weaving and sewing groups”

Written by Rebecca and Rhian

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