Time to Meet go to Cardiff Conference


On Wednesday 25th March, Admin members, Robin, Robert and Adam went to Cardiff for Cymorth Cymru’s Annual Conference with Lisa and Julie. The conference was in Redisson Blu and was in response to continuing austerity and increasing inequality within our communities. The conference looked at how – together – we can ‘redress the balance’ to improve the lives of people in Wales who are marginalised and at risk. The two day event will focused on poverty and prevention work. It was held in partnership with Public Health Wales.


We visited lots of the stalls and got some interesting information and cool freebies before we did our presentation. During our presentation we talked about all the things that Time to Meet do, such as organising events and publishing the What’s on Guide. We used the projector to show videos from lots of the groups, like the hiking group, the art group and the admin group. At the end of the presentation, people asked us questions about the work that we do. We really enjoyed talking about what we do to everyone.25Mar2015_0255

After the presentation we enjoyed a great buffet with the rest of the people who were at the conference, before heading home again to Swansea. All round it was a great day and we really enjoyed it. We hope that people were able to learn new things from our workshop.25Mar2015_0256

In the next few weeks the Admin Group will be attending Vision 21 in Cardiff for a serious of workshops to tell more people about the work that we do.


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