Trip to Longleat!

Hello, my name is James Hallet. Last Wednesday we all went to on a trip to Longleat Safari Park. It was fantastic day. There was so much to do there. I enjoyed all the animals on the safari. There were lions, giraffes, rhinos and lots more. The weather was great too. My mum and I really enjoyed the day. We can’t wait for the next trip.


My name is Clifford. I really enjoyed the trip. I went on a train and saw the lions and griaffes. I will definitely go again.


Hello, my name is Sonia. I had a great day. I really enjoyed seeing all the animals and going on the bus with everyone.


My name is Sharon, It was a brilliant we went on a boat to see the gorilla. I saw lots of animals and I enjoyed going on the bus with everyone. It was a really fun day and I met lots of new people. Here is a photo of all of us.


Kelly said that it was a lovely day and everyone enjoyed.


Neil and Ann said – we both went to Longleat and enjoyed ourselves. The best part was seeing the lions and the penguins, going on the train, seeing the gorillas by boat and seeing the seals and ferrets. I was covered with birds!


Rebecca said – it was fantastic. The gorilla was in a bad mood and broke the control of his television set!


Here are more photos of us all.



Gary Spencer

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