Member Stories

What do members like about Time to Meet?
We asked members what Time to Meet means to them, they gave us some great answers.

Mark O’Neil
I have been involved in the come dine with me, i have been going to other peoples house for dinner.  I will be hosting and organizing my dinner party at my house next.   Time to meet means i can get out and enjoy a nice meal with new friends. I can also cook for other people because i enjoy having company. I can do things I enjoy doing.  I like meeting new people and making new friends.

John Hayes
I organise and run the bingo evening.  I buy all the prizes, and sell the bingo books. I like to call out the bingo numbers.  I have helped to create a video presentation.  Organising my own bingo means a lot to me, as i really enjoy bingo, I haven’t had the chance to play bingo before.  It changed my life because I have met new friends. It occupies my time and i now have a better social life.


Andreya Romagna
I help organise in jewellery group. I help members to learn jewellery making. I have also run a stall at the fete selling the jewellery we have made.  It means a great deal to me, i really look forward to going on Saturdays. I enjoy meeting up with friends that i have made in the group and sharing ideas. It changes my life because it gives me time out on my days off. I am not bored on Saturdays now. I like going because i have got other people there, who also like doing jewellery. I now have the chance to do more activities that i enjoy doing where i live.  I am now meeting new people,  i have made good friends.

 Nicola Roberts
I  have set up a card making group on a Saturday which i lead and help others to learn how to make cards.  I have helped to set up a choir, and I am also a member of the management committee. I have helped to make a video presentation.  I have been attending meetings and other organisations to talk about Time 2 Meet.  It is very important to me because I get to meet new people.  I now have opportunity to try new activities. It has changed my life a great deal, as this keeps me busy, I can meet new people and socialize with friends that i have made.   I have learnt new skills.

Rebecca Evans
I do lots in time to meet. I have organised bowling nights, I attend the bingo, the choir.  I am a member of management committee.  I wrote a letter to the big lottery to apply for funding.  I have attended meetings and have been involved in creating a video for the project. It means a great deal to me as I get the opportunity to do things I enjoy and want to do in my life. It changed my life because for the good as i can organise my social life.  I have met lots of friends and build a better social life.

Linda Evans
I have set up a jewellery group I run this on a Saturday with help from other members, I teach members skills in jewellery making and I organise and lead the group.

I am a member of the management committee. I attend presentation and have made a video to show members the activities i have been doing and how my life as changed since Time to meet started. I have  attended   meetings and other events to  promote the project.   I have organised a Come dine with me, which I have enjoyed and I met new friends .

I help out in the coffee morning i make coffee and serve cake to other member.

It means loads and it is very important to me, because i can get out and about.  I have the opportunity to share my skills with others and also learn new skills myself.

It’s changed my life i am now building a bigger social life in my community.  I now get to meet new friends that have the same interests as me.  I have also re connected with old friends.  It is given me lots of confidence.

Clive Jefferies
I have set up a car wash, as i really enjoy cleaning cars. I am currently setting up patio washing. I have helped to set up a camera club. I am also on the management committee. I have help to do a video presentation to show others what i been doing. It means a lot to me because it has given me the opportunity and the confidence to set up my own car wash. And to be a part of a group of people who like the same things as me. Before T2M i didn’t have anything to do, this has given me the opportunity to do things i want to do and what interests me. It fills up my time and i am not bored anymore. I have also met new friends.


Marie Williams
I am running a coffee morning every Friday, and i am currently taking part in come dine with me. It means i can enjoy myself, doing the things i like and it keeps me busy. It is changing my life because now i have got things to do now .It has given me the chance to meet people and socialise more.

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Brian Roberts
I have helped to set up a camera club. I have run and organise a stall at the fete.   I have helped to raise money for charity.  I help out in the card making group. I also have been attending presentations and promoting T2M at meetings and events.  I am also a committee member. T2M is very important to me because I enjoy meeting other people and making new friendships. I am able to learn new skills like first aid.

It has changed my life a lot because i now have the opportunity to do more things in community.

I able to do the things i want and enjoy in my life.

 Are you interested in joining Time to Meet please follow this link

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