Workshop Car shop

               Car wash

At consortium work shop every friday.

  • Jet wash                                             £5.00
  • Washed and hoovered             £7.50
  • Full valet                                           £10.00

 Please ring Clive Jefferies to book on   (01792  480539)

Jewellery Making

Jewellery making 

  •  starts on  Saturday 15th September

  •  11am– 2pm

  •  At activity centre Swansea

  •  This group will run once a fortnight on a Saturday.

  • Anybody who would like to come along and join our group are welcome.

  •  For more  information ring Lisa Davies on 01792 646640, or use the form below

  • Cost £2
  • You can download a Flyer for the Jewellery Making here